They like to read my Life

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

iam loving it.

i always try to learn new things ...and try to go to new places...because i think life is a journey and if u stuck at one thing you wil not enjoy this life.

so in this learning process iam now a days learning swimming and i really enjoyed it....and when today i swim after a effort of 2 days ...and iam on the top of world.
i know how to swim before going to swimming pool ..its just i swim before this in class 9th so ...iam short of confidence that can i swim?because at that time i just entered the swimming pool for the first time and after 2 days i leave it.

but i gain my confidence and starts swimming.....
i went to swimming pool with my cousin brother who was a superb swimmer ...
one thing i can say ....before this i also tried lot of new things like listening english music,went to gym ...changing my hairstyle..etc etc...
but swimming experince is far better than all of that and it was in jsut 2 days.
iam loving it and hoping that by the end of this summer season..i will be a perfect swimmer.